Support Policy

Support Policy

Support policy for FrameSmart software products in Australia and New Zealand.

With the unfortunate situation of Ronny Terbeek being unable to continue supporting the FrameSmart® software products, he has passed over ownership of the software to MCC Ltd in New Zealand.

MCC Ltd has been the distribution and support centre for these products in NZ for the past 6 years, and we have the resources, experience and skills in place necessary to maintain and develop the products as they so rightly deserve, being the leading software products for picture framing businesses in the Australasian market.

As of 1 April, 2012 FrameSmart Business Solutions and it's associated products (FrameSmart, FLO, VisualiseIt) is now under the ownership and management of Pocket Solutions Software Ltd.

Support in New Zealand has always been supplied on the basis of an annual support and maintenance fee being paid by each FrameSmart & VisualiseIt customer.  The right to charge this is actually specified in the Software Licence Agreement you accepted when the software was installed on your system, however it has never been levied in Australia until now.

For us to provide a viable support organisation to all the Australian and NZ customers, and to develop the software further, we need to start charging for the effort and resources involved.

We have appointed a new Distributor in Australia to continue with sales and installations of FrameSmart products, and to provide the first line of support for Australian customers:

Salesoft Pty Ltd is based in Queensland, and is already known to some FrameSmart users as the suppliers of the 'framelink' software, which bridges the gap between FrameSmart and MYOB.  Daniel Richards is the principal of Salesoft, and he has already visited NZ to receive product training on the FrameSmart software products.

We have agreed between us that in order to provide a professional level of support for the Australian FrameSmart customers, we need to charge each business an annual fee of A$360.00 plus GST per primary licence held.  Extra charges may be levied at a lesser rate for additional copies of the software running in different retail outlets.

In addition, support for installed copies of VisualiseIt will be charged at A$180.00 +GST per annum, and the same amount will be charged for copies of FrameLink installed.

The annual fees can be paid in one amount or by automatic payments of a monthly amount.  This option will be offered when you are invoiced for the annual fee.

For this contribution you receive:

1. All supplier price list updates through FLO (being updated now)

2. Renewal of the licence to use the software for a further 12 months

3. All new software upgrades on an ongoing basis [1]

4. Telephone support and remote access for problem resolution

5. Members Only access to the new website Users area, which includes a discussion forum; bulletin board for news & updates; downloads of new User Manual updates and utilities, on-line Help facilities.

6. It also contributes to the on-line hosting costs of the FLO ordering system.

If you wish to register for our support agreement you need to visit our website at the address shown and complete the registration form displayed there.


NoteIf you elect to remain unsupported you will continue to receive details of new supplier products and prices as they are released through FLO® price list updates, however your current version of FrameSmart®software will stay at the same level, and any support you request in future will be on a chargeable basis – currently $125.00 per hour plus GST.  In addition, if you request an upgrade of the software to a new major version release there will be charge of $450.00 plus GST per copy.

All of us at Pocket Solutions Software Ltd and Salesoft welcome Australian users to the FrameSmart Business Solutions support community, and we look forward to working with you to our mutual benefit in the future.

[1]We currently have a Development list of some 52 enhancements for FrameSmart, FLO & VisualiseIt, prioritised and scheduled through the next 4 releases (about 2 years work so far).

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